Etisalat AdNumber Service


Customers eg: land seller, vehicle seller who do not want to expose their personal number to the public are looking for a temporary connection. The solution enables to receive an Etisalat Ad number by giving a missed call, so that that virtual number is forwarded to the customer original private number.

Product Specifications

  1. Any customer from any network can receive an AdNumber once he give a missed call to ESL AdNumber hotline. ie: 0720 444 888
  2. The receive AdNumber ( eg: 0727940310) is automatically forwarded to the customer’s actual private number from the backend.
    1. Eg: If customer is Dialog 0777456456, once he gives a missed call to 0720 444 888, he will received a Etisalat AdNumber via a sms and that AdNumber will be automatically forwarded to his dialog number.
  3. One customer can get only one virtual number at a time.
  4. Once the AdNumber is allocated, customer will be notified via sms and IVR with the new number details with the validity period. ( If there is no transaction for 60 days, the AdNumber will be expired automatically)
  5. In order to enjoy the service, customer has to topup the AdNumber by LKR 100.
  6. For all the calls coming to the AdNumber will be forwarded to the customer’s actual private number.
  7. Charges will be normal forwarding charges. ( LKR 1.50 + tax to any network per minute )
  8. Customer can deactivate the Adnumber by sending a sms with “deact “ to the AdNumber hotline. Ie. 0720 444 888