Call - A - Tune

"Call -A-Tune" or Personalized Ring Back tones replace the conventional “ring ring” tone the others hear when they are calling you. This offers you many options to express your self to the people who contact you. You can select a wide range of "Call-A-Tunes" in Sinhala, Tamil, English, Hindi, Instrumental, Seasonal songs as well as Funny Tunes to personalize your ring back tone. You will be allowed to download up to 6 "call--tunes" and two Call-A-Tunes can be dedicated for two individual unique numbers.

All you got to do is to dial *354 to register, listen & download Call A Tunes. In addition you can download ready made Call-A-Tune albums which consist of up to 4 songs, at a lower rate per song than buying single Call-A-Tunes. (Dial *354<Album ID> to listen & download)

Random Album Feature
If you download more than 1 song, the Random Album Feature will be activated automatically. This feature plays different songs randomly for different calls.

Accessing Call-A-Tunes

Dial *354 to listen & download a large variation of songs
Dial *354<Tone ID> to directly listen to a song & download. (If you know the Tone ID) e.g. *3547441
Or SMS the Tone ID to 354 to download the tone

SMS Short cuts

Send ALBUM to 354 to view the tones in your album
Send CLI1 xxxx to 354 to set the CLI1 tone, where xxxx is the Tone ID you want as the CLI1
Send CLI1 yyyyyyyy to 354 to set the CLI1 phone number where, yyyyyyy is the phone number you want to allocate
CLI2 command also works as above


  Pre Paid Post Paid
Registration FREE FREE
*354 IVR Rs.2.00 per minute Rs.2.00 per minute
Subscription Fee Rs. 2 Per Day Rs.30 Pre Month
Platinum “Call-A-Tune” Rs.1.50 Per Day Rs.30 Pre Month
Funny “Call-A-Tune” 50 Cents Per Day 50 Cents Per Day

Above charges excludes Government Taxes

Deleting a Tone

Easiest way to Delete Tones is to dial *354 and press option 6 for "settings & Deleting tones menu" in that menu you can listen to all the tones in the album & delete tones.

Pls note - If you register for the first time may not hear the tone as soon as you register. But if the problem remains for more than 1 hour, please call our Customer Care 1727.