Etisalat cliq-app


cliQ is an app that enables the revolutionary way of using internet. Both Etisalat prepaid and postpaid subscribers can purchase time-based internet packages by downloading this mobile application.

Providing a flexible and transparent approach to purchasing mobile Internet packages, cliQ will eliminate the need to buy data in hard to understand bundles based on megabytes and gigabytes.

With cliQ, all what you have to do is choose the most suitable time duration for your internet need. You can select any time duration upon you requirement, be it as short as 5 minutes or as long as few hours or few days. When your time package expires, you will be prompted to reconnect with new and attractive offers. So that you won’t miss out on latest action and you will always be connected with your friends.

How to activate

  • Download the cliQ mobile application from Google Play Store & Apple App Store     
  • Register by entering mobile number in the app interface
  • Go through the tutorial on how to purchase your required time duration
  • Choose your desired duration and activate
  • Your timer will appear in the app.
  • Extend the current pack or purchase a new pack as and when needed

Product details

  • Available for Android and Apple iOS using Etisalat prepaid and postpaid customers
  • Only available for IOS 9.0 upwards. This app is not available on iPads
  • Customers can purchase time-based internet packages and charging will happen through their Etisalat prepaid account balance or will be added to current months outstanding.
  • Prices include all government taxes
  • Multiple packs can be purchased and the duration will be accumulated
  • Remaining time duration to use will be shown in the app.
  • Any of the standard prepaid data plans or postpaid data add-ons can be used along with this app
  • Pay as you go data charging (Charging from the reload money you have in your account) for browsing will be blocked after registering for the app in order to avoid charges that can happen due to phone syncing, applications updates
  • If you want to enable Pay as you go data again, app will have to be unregistered