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For the Non-Stop Youth Introducing Youth+

Youth gross bundle

Customers who purchase new youth SIM will be able to get the below one time gross new bundle with an initial recharge (reloads/cards) of Rs.98 or above.


Description Free bundle
Airtime worth (Rs.) 25
On net SMS 99*
Ex net SMS 99*
Anytime data (MB) 352
FB & WhatsApp data (MB) 256


  • *On net and ex net SMS quotas to be split for 3 months and offered (33 on net SMS and 33 ex net SMS per month)
  • Reloaded money value will remain for the customer to use for any service such as voice, IDD, data, SMS (Similar to a normal reload) and free bundle will be given on top of that
  • Free bundle (excluding on net and ex net SMS) valid for 30 days. SMS quotas will have 3 months validity
  • Excess usage charges:
    • Data: Rs.1.00 per MB
    • SMS: Rs.0.20 per SMS
    • Voice on net & off net: Per second Super SIM rates
  • All standard data plans can be activated to the youth SIM

Rs.30 scratch card

Description Rs.30 card bundle
On net SMS 30
Ex net SMS -
Anytime Data (MB) 60
Talk time 15
Mobile TV 3 days free mobile TV


  • Only the customers who activate the Rs.30 card on YOUTH SIM would be entitled for additional benefits of SMS and data
  • Free bundle valid for 6 days


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