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HD Voice

HD voice enables the user to have clear and crisp voice conversations over the phone, filtering the background noise through advanced noise cancellation mechanisms. A normal voice call uses digital signal processing technology to capture and transmit sound. In contrast to a normal voice call, an HD Voice call works with a wider frequency which enables more sound waves and speech data to travel in to a single channel, whilst stripping away the disturbing background noise. This in turn, enables the voice to be clearer, capturing its natural variations that are not detected in traditional audio standards.


  • What are the advantages of having HD voice?
    • Crystal clear, more natural sounding voice conversations
    • Reduced background noise within the conversation through noise cancellation mechanism
    • Clearer conversations in conference calls
  • Is my device HD compatible?
    Over 300 smartphones support HD Voice. You will have to check with the manufacturer’s specifications whether it is HD voice. If it states that it supports WB-AMR (Wide Band – Adapative Multi Rate) or G.722.2 then your mobile phone is HD Voice compatible.
  • Do I get charged for this service?
    There is no additional charge for this service.
  • How do I activate the service?
    If you are connected to the Etisalat 3G network and if your smartphone is an HD compatible device, you can automatically experience HD voice. Be mindful that if your smartphone is in 2G mode you will need to change it to 3G mode in order to experience this service.
  • Where can I experience HD voice?
    You can experience the superior HD voice with Etisalat HD voice anywhere in the country if you are connected to 3G.
  • What are the minimum requirements to experience HD voice?
    Both the (Caller and Receiver) users should be connected to 3G and their handsets should be HD compatible.
  • Do we have HD in IDD?
    Etisalat network supports HD voice in IDD. However the destination network and the connectivity in-between should support HD voice codec in order to make an HD voice enabled IDD call.


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