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GlobalTalk for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Get GlobalTalk App for your iPhone, iPad and iPod, from AppStore

GlobalTalk iPhone App works over your WiFi or mobile data connection, and always runs in the background ready to make and receive calls/messages. It has got many free features including; Call, Chat, SMS, Call Back, Phone2Phone.

Global Talk gives you many benefits


  • Your Etisalat friends in Sri Lanka can call you for just Rs. 2/min or send SMS at local rates
  • You can call them or send SMS from anywhere in the world at lowest possible rates
  • You can also callout or send SMS to any number , anywhere in the world , at lowest possible rates
  • GlobalTalk iPhone App works seamlessly with our Android, Facebook or PC App: so get GlobalTalk for you and your friends and call each other and send messages for free


Get GlobalTalk and reduce long distance and international call/text charges substantially.

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