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What is Etisalat Buddy?

Etisalat Buddy is a client tool which is saved on your computer and updates the Etisalat customer with valued information such as billing statuses, promotional messages from Etisalat and much much more. Etisalat buddy pops-up when you are connected via an Etisalat connection and informs the customer with these details automatically. Customers are also able to view details on the connection manually as well by clicking the application.

Why should you download Etisalat Buddy?

  • Etisalat buddy informs you on your balance quota of data for the given month
  • You are able to get information on your billing status
  • You will be informed before your Etisalat Internet connection is barred
  • You are able to get details on your Symantec Anti-virus, Net Nanny and Web Patashala status
  • You are able to get information on your credit limits of your Etisalat connection
  • Etisalat buddy informs you on the latest updates and promotions offered to the Etisalat valued customers

Download Etisalat Buddy now


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