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I Want to Use Etisalat Mobile TV Service on my Handset. What do I need to do?
In order to access the mobile TV you need to have a GPRS/3G plan. For access to the service, you may go to on your phone. Based on your handset model you will be directed to either the WAP site or the client download.

Are there any data charges along with subscription charges?
No. You need to pay only for the Subscription.

How would I know if the 3G Connection is established or not?
Typically you would see a "3G" symbol on the right hand corner of your screen. You will see a consistent signal once a GPRS Connection is established; otherwise the signal would not be stable.

GPRS Link got lost while I was trying to access the WAP link, what should I do?
You may try it after some time once a stable GPRS connection is established

I have a GPRS plan. Can I use Etisalat mobile TV?
Yes, But your GPRS Plan doesn’t get affect while you watch Etisalat Mobile TV

I have a prepaid connection. Can I use Etisalat Mobile TV?
Yes, you can activate Etisalat mobile TV provided you have enough balance to subscribe for the service.

I have subscribed to Etisalat mobile TV, can I access the service from any other handset
The service can be accessed through another handset provided you use the same SIM card through which the packages were subscribed. The client is supported on specific handsets. Please check the client handset support list for checking whether your handset is supported or not. For WAP, you can access the service on the new handset provided the new handset is a WAP-enabled handset.



I had subscribed to a pack via Etisalat Mobile TV WAP site. Can I now access my pack through client?
Any pack purchased through WAP is also accessible through client and vice-a-versa.

Where do I get to choose the different types of Subscription Packages available within the Etisalat Mobile TV?
Clicking on any of the channels or Video on demand, would take you to the subscription page where you can choose any of the available pricing plans as per your choice.

What are the charges for the different types of packages?
Click here for Mobile TV packages

I am trying to subscribe to a package. How long would it take to activate the subscription?
The subscription would be activated instantaneously.

Is Etisalat mobile TV available only for 3G subscribers or it can be used by 2G subscribers as well?
It is available for both 2G as well as 3G subscribers.

What is myChannels?
My Channels is a section where all your currently subscribed channels and VOD assets are listed. You may view the content by clicking on the assets

What is myAccount?
myAccount shows all your current subscription packages. You may unsubscribe to a pack from this section

How to I subscribe to another pack?
You may click on a channel or video. In case you have not already subscribed to it, you would be taken to a subscription menu from where you may subscribe. Two or more packs can be subscribed in case they do not have common assets. In case there are some common assets, then the first pack needs to be unsubscribed in order to subscribe to the second pack


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