Etisalat Salli Bus is Back!

Dial 6644 to activate Salli Bus and Win Gold and Cash prizes . The more you play the more you can win.

RANDOM Daily reloads INSTANT 10 / 20 / 40 and 100 LKR Reloads

This is a random pick at any given time customer might be able to win instant reloads. Instant reloads start with 10 LKR/ 20 LKR/ 40 LKR and 100 LKR respectively. 

POINTS BASED Weekly cash Prize  

25,000 Cash prize per week

Weekly cash prize is based on the no of steps customer reached during the week. Each step will be awarded with 5 points. End of the week we will be picked the maximum point’s collector.

RANDOM Grand Prize  LKR 500,000 worth Gold

This is a random selection where every subscriber will be eligible to claim the grand prize irrespective of number of points or steps reached.

Point collection

1 Step equal to 10 points


IVR Call Charges - FOC
Daily subscription - 5 LKR + Taxes


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