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Voice Mail

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Voice mail is a user recorded voice message or a default voice message to which a caller is directed to in case the mobile phone is switched off or out of the coverage area. The caller can leave a voice message after listening to the recording. The System also allows to control and administrate voice mail account using the internet.


Customize and configure your voice mail box and notification method by dialling 131 from your mobile or by accessing the web.

This service is mostly required by people who do not wish to be disturbed at times and also customers can use this service instead of the Missed Call Notification service, because the customer will get a SMS notifying him on all calls he received while out of reach.


Steps in activating Voice mail


  • Go to the phone's main menu, go to Settings, then to Call Divert
  • In voice divert, set "If out of reach" number to 131
  • Dial 131 and follow the recording to activate voice mail
  • Web URL :


You will be charged for dialling 131 as follows;


Pre Paid Rs.5.00 per min
Post Paid Rs.3.00 per min
Above charges excludes Government Taxes.


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