Credit Services

Send/Gift credit from one Etisalat number to another.

All you have to do is dial *345 and follow instructions. Only 3 attempts can be made per day and you can gift only up to Rs.100 per one attempt.

Gifting Validities

Rs 5 to Rs 20
7 Days

Rs 31 to Rs 50
14 Days

Rs 51 to Rs 100
25 Days

This service is valid only for Prepaid customers.

Rs.2 will be charged from the person sending credit.
Above charges excludes Government Taxes.

For Prepaid :
Dial #134# or
Go to Etisalat Services on your sim menu> Client Support> Balance> Etisalat Prepay


For Postpaid :
Dial #134# or
Go to Etisalat Services on your sim menu> Client Support> Balance> Etisalat Postpaid

Have you ever run out of credit and not been able to make those important calls and messages. Now with Etisalat Easy Loan service you can obtain an Easy Loan of Rs. 20, 40 or 80 when your credit balance is low or when you are out of credit.


  • Customers can obtain a personalized loan value of Rs. 20, 40 or 80 based on their stay on network and usage, this will be communicated to customers when the customer is out of credit.
  • Customers can double their respective loan value on public and mercantile holiday
  • Customer can request for the loan service by dialing *8899

Easy Loan Validities

Loan Value (LKR)
Rs 20
Subscription Charge (LKR)
Rs. 2
7 Days

Loan Value (LKR)
Rs 40
Subscription Charge (LKR)
Rs. 6
14 Days

Loan Value (LKR)
Rs 80
Subscription Charge (LKR)
Rs. 10
25 Days


  • All outstanding loan amounts inclusive of subscription need to be settled prior to obtaining a easy loan
  • Loan amount obtained and service chargers applicable (inclusive of tax) will be deducted on next account recharge.
  • Standard tax rate will be applicable. Above values are without tax


Ran out of data? Get back to your browsing quick with an instant Data Loan! Send a quick SMS to 7227 for the Data Loan you require and get back to your browsing in an instant.

  • Data Loan


    135MB Anytime Data

    - Night time Data

    5 On-net SMS

    24 Hours Validity

    Rs.19Loan Value

    Rs.2 Subscription Value

  • Data Loan


    330MB Anytime Data

    180MB Night time Data

    5 On-net SMS

    5 Days Validity

    Rs.49Loan Value

    Rs.2 Subscription Value

Subscribers can activate the loan facility by sending an SMS with the key-word to 7227 as shown below:

Activation Channel Activation/Deactivation Short Code Key-word
SMS 19 loan Activation 7227 DL19
SMS 49 loan Activation 7227 DL49
USSD Activation #7227# NA


Subscribers can also use the USSD #7227# to activate the loan facility.

• Customers can obtain a data loan value of Rs.19 or Rs.49 based on their stay on the network
• Data loan can be activated only when the customer‘s main wallet value is less than Rs.19/-
• A Customer who has easy loans activated will also be eligible to activate data loans through this service.
• A 2nd data loan can only be obtained after a customer fully settles any outstanding values for data loans previously activated.
• The value of the loan obtained, along with its applicable service charges (inclusive of taxes) will be deducted when the customer.
• If the customer settles the loan fully within 24 hours, data subscription will not be charged.
• Multiple loans can be obtained within the same day as long as there is no outstanding data loan amount due at the time of activation.
• Standard tax rates will be applicable.