Sri Lanka's first ever online eBook store 'Book Hub' and eBook reader. The innovation will see Sri Lankan literary works published electronically for the very first time and made available for direct purchase through any Personal Computer, Android or Apple mobile device. This eBook store will be available to all users free of charge and regardless of their mobile carrier.

Use following links to download application :



Apple (iPad App)

Customers can use the e-channeling service to book a doctor at most of the private hospitals in Colombo.

Customers can dial 225 to get information about doctors and book appointments with them.
Dial 225 and Customer Care Agent will help you

Charging : IVR - Rs. 8 and taxes per minute, Booking fees depend on the doctor.

Customers can reserve tickets for movies at many cinemas, including Majestic City and Liberty Light.
Dial 365 and a Customer Care Agent will help you

Charging : IVR - Rs. 8 + tax per minute, Booking fees depend on the cinema.

Now you can send classified advertisements over your mobile phone to be published in the Sunday Observer and Silumina.

To activate dial #429# and follow the instructions.

Charging : Rs. 500/= for the first 15 words and Rs. 100/= for every additional 5 word slab.

Hotline : Dial 1949 for more information

Publish Classified Advertisements on the Hit Ad magazine, hitad.lk and lahipita directly through your mobile!

Just dial #479# through your etisalat mobile to publish your advertisement.

Charging : Rs. 315 upwards (Depending on word count)

hitad.lk online publication: Rs. 500/=

Now you can reserve train tickets from Sri Lanka Railways anywhere through your etisalat mobile connection!

Just dial 365 to access the service.

Train Ticketing Process:

  • Dial 365 to access the Ticketing service.
  • State your name, national ID number, destination information and number of tickets.
  • You will receive a reference number.
  • Reservation details will be confirmed via SMS.
  • Collect your ticket from Colombo Fort Railway station special counter or from Gampaha, Peradeniya or Kandy Railway stations.


  • You can also reserve tickets for the Rajadhani Express' Compartment via the service. The Rajadhani Express compartment offers several modern comforts and facilities such as WiFi, TV, Laptop power outlets, onboard meals etc.
  • 24 hour access, No queuing, No travelling.
  • Short code charges, ticket charges and reservation charges will be charged for every successful booking. These fees will be added to your bill.

Charges: Rs. 8 per min + taxes.