Tell your friends & loved ones what's in you heart with Etisalat Jolly greetings. You can send voice greeting of Love & Romance, Birthdays & Anniversaries, Well wishes, Fun and other occasions to any mobile or land / fixed line phone in Sri Lanka.

The greetings are available in Sinhala, English and Tamil languages. In addition to the pre recorded greetings customers have the option of composing their own fun greeting and this service has the option of remaining anonymous or to identify whom the sender is.

To use this service simply dial a call to 900 and follow the recording.

Once you confirm the greeting, your friend will get a call with the Greeting you selected.

Pre Paid or Post Paid - Rs.5.00 Rs.5.00

Above charges excludes Government Taxes

Tones, Images, Animations & Game Downloads

Content download sites provides access to a huge library of Tones, Images, Animations & Game Downloads. Following sites available,

Mobile Phones :
Etisalat WAP Portal -- http://wap.etisalat.lk
Etisalat Symbiotic WAP Portal -- http://dzone.etisalat.lk/wap

Etisalat WAP Portal -- http://wap.etisalat.lk/web/dz/Index.jsp

Charging may vary on the content type.

Listen to a voice portal full of entertainment ranging from Mobile drama, Hollywood and Bollywood gossip, love tips, cricket, music, jokes and much much more.

Dial 555 to check them out right away

Click the link and download your favorite tune as your Call –a– tune.

Rs.5.00 + Tax per minute.

Above charges excludes Government Taxes.