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Star Dial


"Star Dial" also known as "voice SMS service" allows you to send a voice message with out calling the person you wish to contact.


All you have to do is dial *followed by the number you wish to call and record your message.


E.g. *0722123456
You can send a Star Dial message to Etisalat and Dialog customers now


To retrieve a "Star Dial" message you need to dial 141.


All incoming messages can be listened to; Free of charge the first time. Further you can retrieve your messages and administrate your star dial system by accessing the web assigned for this service.


Web URL:


Etisalat Numbers Rs.1.50 per message
Dialog Numbers Rs.2.50 per message
Retrieval (First attempt) Free
Retrieval (second attempt) Rs.1.50 per message


Etisalat number Rs.1.50 per message
Dialog number Rs.2.50 per message

Retrieving of an already retrieved message will be charged as above.


Above charges excludes Government Taxes


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